Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Forthcoming title available early 2018

My next book The Bradgate Heiress will be published in early 2018 by Fountain Blue Publishing, PO Box 657 Squaw Valley, CA 93675 USA. For website enter Fountain Blue Publishing into google.
The Bradgate Heiress tells the story of Lady Jane Grey, great granddaughter of King Henry VII, who was set up as Queen of England in the sixteenth century, by unscrupulous aristocrats trying to avoid a return to Catholicism. Jane was a scholar and a heavily committed  Protestant Christian and, following a life of study and prayer, resisted all attempts to manipulate her until the end. The novel traces her contented early life with her 'aunt'  Dowager Queen Katherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII, her friendship with the ailing King Edward VI and the way the plot against her unfolds. A subplot depicts the life in Mincing Lane, London of a young shoemaker who becomes fascinated by the young heiress and his own gradual discovery of a soul mate.